I just installed Swype on my Android phone, and it works pretty well. Fitaly was my last favorite handheld input method, but the stylus has gone the way of the 8-Track. This method is fast and intuitive; it does a good job of guessing what word you want based on your finger’s scribbling across the […]

Made the cuts for the bottom rails. Made trickier than it should have been just because my table saw, a cheap Ryobi, won’t make clean cuts. So I actually made them with my Porter-Cable router, routing off about a half inch at a pass. Next, I can finally do some pre-assembly to see how things […]

First step was designing it in Sketchup. Download the skp file. Then I laid out the pieces to see how to cut them out of an 8’x4′ sheet of 1/2″ plywood. And cut ’em out. Next it will be time to do some routing. I will use the circle cutting jig I just made to […]

Good design is good design. And skills developed designing for print are transferable to Web. But the tools are different, the challenges are different, and so are the possibilities. You won’t have to worry about widows and orphans so much. Your font choices are a lot fewer. Instead of leading and tracking you now have […]