Apple computer sells for $210,700 In a time when most personal computers were sold as self-assembly kits, the Apple-1 broke new ground as the first personal computer sold with a fully assembled motherboard. Fellow Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who attended the auction in London, threw in an autographed letter with the sale. Wozniak said he […]

I just installed Swype on my Android phone, and it works pretty well. Fitaly was my last favorite handheld input method, but the stylus has gone the way of the 8-Track. This method is fast and intuitive; it does a good job of guessing what word you want based on your finger’s scribbling across the […]

40 days later, without a single unsolicited word from Sony at any point during the repair process, the BDP-S360 has returned. Seems to be working. Maybe I’ll just hold off on firmware updates, at least until a specific need demands one.

Installed MythDora on a box cobbled together from parts and plugged it into the new TV. Bought a cheap cable card off ebay and plugged it in. Apparently, that was pointless, since the signal coming from the cable company is encrypted. MythTV doesn’t seem to see anything. The menu is far nicer to look at […]