Putting a Patio in the Front Yard

July 02, 2011

Our front yard filled with weeds. The lawn is long gone. I tried real hard, honest I did. But then the [bermuda grass](http://www.ppws.vt.edu/scott/weed_id/cynda.htm) came, and that was that. But lawn’s are kind of ridiculous anyway; they suck up so much water. So, we’ve decided to put in a patio.

The patio we hope to have for our front yard.

We hope it will look something like this.

We just endured our first quote from a paver salesman, and it was pretty awful. Pushy, aggressively ingratiating, and he could not stop talking about how great his company is and how he never loses a sale. And the price: hoo boy. We weren’t expecting this to be cheap, but wow those were some big numbers. I wish he could have just emailed them to us; enduring a second visit was a chore. As his mood changed from bubbly to maudlin (“I really thought I was going to make a sale today.” he said sadly), all I could think about was getting him out of our house.

We may go with stamped concrete, too. Although we haven’t gotten any quotes for that yet, we expect it to be cheaper.

Here’s the sketchup file.