And then I get this a few hours later.

To: Sean Camden
From: Doctor #2 MD
Received: 04/14/2011 5:39 PM


I would make an appointment. Just as an aside, the email system should be used only if you can wait 24-48 hours for a response. It is not for more urgent needs.

Hope that helps

Doctor #2.

Which is interesting, since I can’t actually find anywhere on the site that says “Only use this if you can wait one or two days for a response.” It says, “Send nonurgent health questions to your doctor’s office.”

I’m unsatisfied with this. I want the interface to work. If the doctor is in, it should not say that he is out. And in the event that it reports things incorrectly, I would like the doctors to accept responsibility for their organization’s system and apologize for my inconvenience. And if I can’t expect what in my opinion is a modicum of service, then why am I paying so dearly for it? Shouldn’t this level of sloppy service be easily achieved by some socialist healthcare system?