TextBlob is a fun Python library that allows one to parse blocks of text in neat ways. To use it, all you need is a computer with Python on it. I’m using Linux Mint with Python 2.7.3. Installation of TextBlob is covered pretty well on Steve Loria’s TextBlob page. To begin I open my Python […]

Photoshop allows you to place a guide anywhere, which can be frustrating if you do Web work and you want to cut an image by hand. Because your selections will miss the guides… …and the things you create will have fuzzy edges. But Photoshop will only select things by the pixel. So, the key to […]

I just added a bunch of movies to my Netflix Streaming Queue. A few of them I’ve seen already but will enjoy watching again. Much has been said about Netflix’s lousy selection of movies, and I suppose it’s true. However, I think only the extremely myopic could fail to notice one thing: Netflix is the […]

China is the place I always imagined I would end up if I simply started digging straight down and didn’t stop. I developed this conviction with the help of those stalwart researchers at Looney Tunes University (I seem to recall professors Fudd and Bunny demonstrating quite clearly how this was the case). But it turns […]

The lawn is long gone. I tried real hard, honest I did. But then the bermuda grass came, and that was that. But lawn’s are kind of ridiculous anyway; they suck up so much water. So, we’ve decided to put in a patio. We just endured our first quote from a paver salesman, and it […]